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5 Fun Ways to Decorate Your Hearing Aids For Halloween

These tricks will make your child’s hearing aids quite the treat! Decorating hearing aids and cochlear implants is a great idea during this and any time of the year if you know what you're doing. Here we answer some common questions we get about decorating hearing aids and cochlear implants. 1. Can I decorate my child’s (or my own) technology? Sure! Anything that is motivational for children, tweens, and teens is great fun, as long as the “bling” doesn’t damage the aid — and ... Read more

What Hearing Loss Sounds Like

What It’s Like To Have Hearing Loss When you have a hearing loss, it can be hard to explain how your life has changed along with your hearing. What's more, many people don't realize how hearing loss has affected their lives, as it's such a gradual process. We’re here to help you help others understand, in turn creating a support system for you in your better-hearing journey. Research tells us that concealing your hearing loss can create tension in your social or professional ... Read more