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Five Best Accessories For Hearing Loss When Watching TV

When you have a hearing loss, it can be hard to watch TV with family and friends. Let’s talk about turning down the conflict and turning up the fun. Here are our top five best hearing accessories for TV.   1. Wireless Hearing Aid StreamingStream directly from the TV to your hearing device technology Why we love them: Newer hearing technology often comes equipped with the ability to stream wirelessly. These devices transmit the sound directly from your television to your hearing aids. Like ... Read more

8 Questions to Ask Your Doctor During Your Physical

Sometimes it can take a little nudge to get to the doctor when something is really bothering you. When you’re finally at your annual physical exam, make sure you use the most of your time with your health professional by coming prepared with these eight questions. 1. In addition to the flu shot, what other vaccines am I due for? Vaccinations don’t stop when you’re 18. Ask your doctor what you need and when based on your health. If you ask them, their ... Read more