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Nine Tips to Help Detect Hearing Loss

Does Your Loved One Have a Hearing Loss Too? As someone who experiences hearing loss, you’re at a unique advantage to help others in your life recognize their own. Here are some signs to look for to see if it’s time to help someone seek treatment.   How’s their balance? Responsible for our body’s balance, the vestibular system in the inner ear could be causing hearing problems as well as stability issues.   One sided. Look to see if your loved one favors an ear and ... Read more

Plan Your Summer Around Fun, Not Your Hearing Loss

Kick Off Your Outdoor Fun With These Helpful Tips Almost 50 percent of Americans regularly participate in at least one outdoor activity, according to the Outdoor Foundation’s 2014 survey. From biking, hiking, trail running, and camping to boating, fishing, hunting, and bird-watching, the options are endless for outdoor fun. Add a dash of summer, which brings out the adventurer in nearly everyone, and you have a recipe for memories that last a lifetime. Nearly all hearing loss is treatable, but according to ... Read more

Guide to Men’s Hearing Health

There are countless things that can contribute to poor hearing health, from aging to loud noise, but one you may not be aware of is gender. A recent study found that the odds of hearing loss are 5.5 times greater in men than in women. In honor of Men’s Health Week, June 13-19, we’ve put together this guide to men’s hearing health. We’ll touch on different health topics, how they relate to your hearing, and what you can do to keep ... Read more

5 Tips for a Comfy Car Ride

Does back pain drive you crazy while on the road? Here are five tips to help you put the brakes on discomfort so you can focus on the fun. Long car rides can cause your hips, butt, lower back, and shoulders to feel tight. The longer you’re sitting, the more damage you could do. When you sit, your spine loses its natural curve, causing a strain on your vertebrae and discs. Your sciatic nerve can also become agitated when sitting, and ... Read more