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Keep Your Hearing Close to Your Heart

Over the past 80 years, a plethora of studies have tied the health of your ears to the health of your cardiovascular system — your heart, arteries, and veins. What studies are showing is the possibility of your ears being a window into your overall heart health. The connections between heart and hearing health are meaningful, as cardiovascular disease can affect a person’s ability to hear and understand speech. Poorer hearing can be caused by restricted blood flow to the inner ear ... Read more

10 Telltale Signs of Hearing Loss

These signs and symptoms of hearing loss may surprise you. A hearing impairment can lead to more than just having to turn up the volume. From depression and anxiety to cognitive decline, a hearing loss can cause psychological, emotional, physical, and social side effects that can permanently impact your overall quality of life. Prevention and protection are key in helping to preserve your or your loved ones’ quality of life. Here are our helpful tips to see if someone you love is ... Read more

Hearing — and Understanding — the World Around You Takes More Than Your Ears

In a noisy, crowded room, your brain can pick up subtle parts of speech and automatically arrange them into useful thoughts. Ever wondered how this miraculous feat happens? Well, new research brings us closer to understanding just that. Researchers at Trinity College in Dublin were able to pinpoint the regions of the brain responsible for processing each individual sound that makes up human speech. What enters our ears as a flood of sound is automatically processed and sorted into consonants, vowels, pauses, ... Read more

10 Celebrities With Hearing Loss

What You and Rob Lowe Might Have in Common Hearing loss affects everyone — even the rich and famous. The hearing loss issues of these celebrities shine a light on the different ways you can lose your hearing and how to overcome it. Rob Lowe Lowe lost his hearing to undiagnosed mumps when he was a baby. Mumps is a viral infection that frequently causes hearing loss by inflicting damage to the cochlea (inner-ear organ of hearing). “Really loud restaurants drive me ballistic,” Lowe ... Read more